One-on-one online lessons
for children aged 5 and up
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Learn to calculate swiftly
without a calculator
Enhance memory, focus, and determination
Boost enthusiasm
for studies and self-worth
We are LitteraKids An International Center for children aged 5 to 12

Mental arithmetic offers the following benefits to your child

Navigate successfully
through any challenge
Flourish in every aspect of personal development
Achieve top grades independently, without
parental assistance

What is LitteraKids Mental Arithmetic?

  • Mental Arithmetic is a validated technique that holistically nurtures your child's academic talents and imaginative thinking, unlocking their full intellectual potential.
    In the beginning, students learn fundamental methods with the help of an abacus. As they progress, they master the skill of visualizing the abacus mentally, enabling them to execute all arithmetic operations (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) using just their minds.
  • Superior calculation abilities
  • Enhanced aptitude for learning foreign languages
  • Outstanding scholastic achievements

According to psychologists, regular engagement of both hands enhances the development of both the left and right hemispheres in a child. This fosters improved attention, perception, various forms of memory, as well as logical and visual thinking.

  • We nurture determination and discipline in your child;
  • We enhance attention, imagination, and creative thinking;
  • We educate them on how to absorb information through all senses: touch, hearing, and sight;
  • After every session, we supply engaging materials for self-study.

Educators and psychologists have observed a noticeable improvement in knowledge quality when a child, alongside their regular school studies, also participates in mental arithmetic classes.

  • We'll ensure they grasp the multiplication table, and teach them how to mentally multiply and divide large numbers;
  • We'll cultivate logical thinking, resourcefulness, and focus;
  • We'll guide them in making unconventional decisions;
  • After each lesson, we offer stimulating materials for independent learning.

Child's Developmental Journey

Committing to just two lessons a week and dedicating 15-20 minutes daily to homework, here's what your child can achieve
2-3 weeks
increase concentration by 1.5 times
5 weeks
Enhance thinking speed by 15%
8 weeks
Double their attentiveness
10 weeks
memory by 20%
17 weeks
Speed up calculation by 2-3 times, depending on the starting point
25 weeks
Master the addition and subtraction of both simple and complex numbers mentally, with mental calculations taking just 2 seconds for two and three-digit numbers.

The LitteraKids program enhances your child's abilities in:

Logical thinking
Mathematical reasoning
Analytical skills
Critical thinking
Spatial imagination

Feedback from Parents

Improvement in
scholastic achievements
in creativity
in memory retention
in self-assuredness

Components of the LitteraKids Program

Mental Arithmetic exercises
Educational and
entertaining games
Logical reasoning tasks
Brain-strengthening activities
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The Online Learning Journey at LitteraKids:

  • Preliminary consultation to discern preferences
  • Handpicking of a suitable educator
  • Introductory lesson with tailored advice
  • Personalized online sessions with specialists
  • Engaging practice and homework tasks

Tariff Plans

Each package grants exclusive lessons and unrestricted access to our online portal

Advantages of the LitteraKids Online Platform

Our digital platform motivates learners to engage more deeply with mental arithmetic
Homework Tasks
Gamification for heightened engagement
Online contests

Why choose LitteraKids?

Tailored Approach
All lessons are online. We consider each child's unique personality and individual needs
Personalized Learning Speed
The student progresses through the material at a pace comfortable for them, directly with the teacher
We'll accommodate your timing preferences, offering classes as early as 8 am or as late as 8 pm
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  • Experience learning from the comfort of your home.
  • Holistic child development.
  • Cost-effective, personalized instruction.

In the inaugural lesson, your child will:

Get introduced to the abacus and its applications.
Understand addition and subtraction of basic numbers.
Let's cultivate nimble,
innovative, and out-of-the-box thinking.
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Participate in focus,
and memory drills
Parents will be presented with feedback and tailored suggestions from the educator